Filtering and Post-Ranking

There are a number of contexts within feedly where it would be useful to rely on post ranking to cut down on noise or the volume of posts. Particularly for some active feeds. Slashdot has had comment ranking and filtering forever and I used to find it very useful.

I wonder if there is a way to integrate with, which seems to do ranking of posts on many blogs. If so my ideal implementation would be something like the following. I would be able to specify feed-specific postrank cutoffs. On a feed page I would be informed how many articles had been filtered out and would be able to temporarily change the filtering level.

This data might also be useful for feedly's efforts in different contexts to pick out the articles/topics most relevant to a particular user. Top section articles might be those whose post rank exceed their blog's cutoff by the largest amount. Highlighted topics for the home page could also reflect the total excess post rank of articles within subscribed feeds for that topic.
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