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I’m baffled

Module corrupts code and displays the output in the admin section instead of the front end

Hello. I have been using the Joomla PHP Module on a site and I have encountered a couple of problems. You can access the site at You can log into the back-end as username "admin" password "password".

There are 3 PHP modules, all displayed in position user9. Two of them are giving me problems.

Firstly, the ""Contact Form" module works when I first save it, but if I open it for editing, part of the PHP output is displayed not in the right hand panel where the code should be entered, but as part of the editing page below.

Consequently, when the module is saved it corrupts and stops working. The only way to get round this is to cut & paste the code from an external file. This means that the code can't be edited from the admin section.

Even when the "Contact Form" module is working (click on "Contact Form" on the "Contact Us" page to use), the "sendform" module doesn't work at all. It outputs the code instead of processing it. When I return to the code to inspect it, I find that it has been corrupted.

There's no problem with the PHP code - these modules work fine outside of the Joomla PHP module.

Can you give me any insights into what might be going wrong and how I can solve it?

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