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Cut and Paste from Word, Won't work

There was a recent post from this morning that has since disappeared--"i cant paste text from word ". The answer is that's correct, pasting text from a word document into your personal message space will not work. We can get a tech-y person on here to give the detailed explanation but the short answer is that the code in our program doesn't jive with the code in Word, so it doesn't work. What DOES work is using a very basic program such as Notepad. You can even write what you want in Word, copy it into Notepad, and then copy that into your personal message space. Or just write it in Notepad. You can play around with the font, colors, and format in our program once you've got the wording in there.

Thanks, Hannah
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    Grant (rocket surgeon) June 25, 2008 13:34
    Perhaps it's worth exploring a fix for this, since it is what everyone uses. Other web based WYSIWYG editors often have functions to remove all formatting. I've even seen "remove Word formatting" option on some.

    People are used to having this option. Wordpress (free and open source) has a 'remove formatting' button on the toolbar, as do most webmail editors I've seen.

    A more user-proof option might be to only past plain text, rather than formatted text, but I can't think of anywhere I've actually seen this implement.
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