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Back in Black Version 1.1.6

Hi everyone,

They say two things are certain in life, death and taxes.
In the world of software development, two things are certain, bugs and fixes.

Perhaps in our case, it ended up being "bugs, more bugs and gahhhh BUGS!!!! We need a fix asap!"

First of all, I personally would like to thank you for being very patient with us! Know that we care for all you, our users, and we take every issue seriously.

We have identified the source of the bug in the latest update. Since yesterday, we have been doing alot of internal testing to make sure that nothing else breaks.

Today, I'm starting another round of testing with some people who expressed interest in beta testing for us.

If we get the go from these users, please expect as early as late next week (unfortunately we have no control over how fast Apple reviews our app).

We will keep you folks posted on the result of our beta testing as the day progresses!

- JD