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Combobox wont run multiple events on card stacks.

1. Add a combobox to your page.
2. Add two card stacks to your page.
3. Add some things to the different pages of your cardstack so you can see the changes when the event runs.
4. On the combobox, add an event that will change the index of both card stacks.
5. Preview. Change the combobox. You will see that only one of the card stacks index changed. The other one stayed the same.
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    It seems that link bars also can't run two actions for the same events. I'll take a look and provide a fix as soon as possible.

    Thanks for letting me know.
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  • Cristian! I have the same problem. And it blocks me essentially, because I cannot use several cardstacks in project. I use card stack and events, because I need to browse to another page on click (with different cards shows).
    My case:
    1) Page 1:
    a. Button1 (trigger event 1 and go to page 2)
    b. Button 2(trigger event 2 and go to page 2)
    2) Page 2:
    a. Card stack with 2 cards
    i. Card 1: with label 1
    ii. Card 2: with label 2
    b. Back button (link to Page1).
    ON page 2 I add custom events – show card 1 on event 1 and show card 2 on event 2.
    This case works.
    But then I add to my project Page 3 and Page 4 which work similarly to Page 1 and Page 2 (with button 3 and button 4 which trigger event 3 and 4. Page 4 contains card stack2), I see that cards in card stack 2 don’t change on event 4.
    I hope you'll fix it.
    Actually it will be better if user had an opportunity to browse cards/ tabs on different pages. So we don’t need to use events so often.
    When will the new version of FlairBuilder come out?
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