Custom Components Per Document rather than per user profile? Say Whaaa?

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Where did all my custom components go? Instead of a global custom component library, they seem to be per document which makes creating mock ups a much bigger pain with Flair Builder. I use them to save components I have to work on over and over (like modal pop ups that we use in our software, and other existing items that I dont want to do over and over). In the older version, having the ability to drag and drop our standard layouts it saved me a lot of time, now it seems I have to re-create my custom components in each document which kills productivity. Hopefully its a known bug and can be resolved soon! Please bring back Global Custom Components~
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Preston,

My advice is to reinstall the older version, and save the components in a single project. Than open that project with the newest version and save them to the project library, that is, the assets folder.

Once you've done that you'll be able to: 1) better manage your files. You'll can share them with your colleagues, for instance. 2) Edit once, update everywhere in the project. That's how the components work now. 3) When you realize you need a component, just drop it in the /assets folder and FlairBuilder will pick it up and add it to the component paletter, where from you'll be able to drag'n'drop it in the project just like in the previous version.

Convinced yet? :) I understand there's some extra-work for you, but I believe is worth.
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Do we need an Assets folder for each project? Or is there a global assets folder so our components can be available for every project?
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I still don't get why anything is "Page Specific" rather than project specific. It has been a real pain to use layers on a project because now layers are page specific. That is a productivity killer for sure.
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agreed. I keep having to copy and paste the same menu that i use over and over into each page's layer. I would like to see more global options. And to be able to open multiple projects at once and to link projects. It is very cumbersome to build a huge UI in one project. Then if i split it up into smaller projects I have to deal with transferring assets etc to each project.
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I can see this being helpful with projects like Maya where I want everything to move with that specific project and I want to keep them all in one place. This could also be applicable with a website 'project' where everything in that project is used only in that project; However, when I am working on software that has a consistent look and feel throughout, and I am making projects on a feature by feature basis and storing each project in a separate folder with that feature it doesn't make sense, nor is it convenient/helpful. For others who are frustrated with this issue a workaround for this oversight in design is to use symbolic links and move all the 'project specific' stuff that you would like to have in more than one project into one folder, then type the following into Command Prompt running as administrator (be sure to change the directory):

mklink /D assets "C:\User\Usernamehere\WhereverYourGlobalDirectoryIs"

and place that symbolic link in all of the project folders that you want to have access to the new GLOBAL assets folder. (if a folder exists in that folder, you will need to delete it, but make sure you moved those files before doing so.) Once you restart Flair Builder it should then pull and save any new/old assets to the Global Folder. It is a pain yes, especially since you have to manually place that link in all of the effected folders, but if the developer is adamant on not fixing the problem, then this should help those of us who lost a lot of time saving that Flair Builder used to supply. I really hope I have effectively communicated the deficiencies in the new system, while I see value in some applications, it does not apply in all situations.

Quick legend/explanation of the code shown above:
mklink = Make Symbolic Link
/D = Directory flag (without this it )
assets = name of directory/symbolic link to be created
"C:\stuff" = Where the link points to