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I’m rather disappointed

Bring back MCT, friends and participative pages!

First of guys, if you agree with be, I'd appreciate if you clicked the +1 at the end of this message.
May not change anything to the Flixster team but visibility can't hurt.


Most of us were on Flixster for one of the above.
But, dear management, in case you didn't do an analysis prior to changing everything (and let's be honest, I frankly doubt you did), allow me to explain why the community is so frustrated.

**Keep in mind that for every 1 person who stands up and complain, 9 others remain silent.**

==> MCT : The MCT allowed us to quickly evaluate if we had similar movie tastes, a nefty little tool. Personally, this sole feature will probably make me sail to another site.

==> RECS : Friends enabled the use of sending and receiving recommendations; messaging feature is now extinct

==> EYE-CANDIES : The ability to customize our profiles using html is also down the drain, disabling simultaneously the use of "Skins" which are not a big deal in terms of movies but was still a neat little eye candy

==> EXPERTS : Some users invested quite a bit of time in sharing their knowledge of actors/directors/etc and were awarded the "expert" title on said actor/director/etc. Now, with all the info having been removed, the time they freely invested in bettering Flixster became obsolete... what a slap in the face wouldn't you agree?

==> FORGETTING SOMETHING? Users, if you feel I forgot something, feel free to reply to this thread.

Basically, people are upset. Instead of taking Flixster and upgrading it whilst keeping most of its key feature, it has been turned into a cheap rotten tomatoes which by the way, most of us would have used if it had suited our needs... it didn't then, it doesn't now.
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