If I want to watch a movie on the go, being required to have wi-fi is RIDICULOUS!

This is more of a complaint, but since it isn't a current functionality, I felt it should be placed under ideas.

The UltraViolet copy idea was interesting. I no longer have to sync whatever movie I think I may want to watch to my phone and take up valuable space. Instead, Flixster will store it in their cloud and allow me to access it at anytime.

The downfall was when I went to try it out and got a message that stated I must have a Wi-Fi connection to view the movie. That is completely asinine!

Okay, so if I'm on the go, I must go to a McDonald's, Starbucks, Panera, or other location to get access to free Wi-Fi? I have to sit there the whole time?

What if you have kids and they want to watch a movie while in the car?

Say you have a horrendous family get-together you are going to and want to have some entertainment? You have to go up to your relative and say, "Hey, can I get your router password?"

My point is, while there are Wi-Fi hot-spots on-the-go, what is the true likelihood that you will have Wi-Fi access the entire time you wish to watch the movie? It would be better if you could utilize your 3G/4G access to view them. An additional suggestion would be to be able to download the movie temporarily to your phone so that way you don't have to have an internet connection the entire time.

I'm sorry, while the idea is good in theory, I'm incredibly bitter thinking that I will never be able to utilize my Harry Potter digital copy when it comes out next week. I would SO much rather have an iTunes copy at this point.

A person who has an unlimited data plan who never utilizes Wi-Fi on her phone
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