Crashing on specific websites

Flock keeps crashing when I go to certain websites or clink on links within certain websites. The ones I've noticed the most is Twitter and Wikipedia.

When I Google something and there's a Wikipedia link and I click it, Flock crashes, consistently, as soon as it tries to load.
When I'm on Twitter, it crashed 19 times out of 20 when I click on a username to go to someone's profile, but the rest of seems to be ok.
There have been multiple random websites that I've gone to and Flock crashed when it started loading. But when it crashes like that, it continues to happen consistantly for which ever website caused it to crash the first time. It's not crashing randomly. I can make it crash by going to these websites. Happens every time (except Twitter will randomly work once and then crash on the next one I click).

These websites don't make any of my other browsers crash.

I've reinstalled Flock a few times and it doesn't seem to fix anything. This started happening a few months ago. I've been using Flock for over two years and never had problems like this before.
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