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Windows 7 Basic and High Contract Themes

Flock ignores Windows 7 Basic and High Contrast themes. Two things actually occur. If you load up the basic and high contrast themes flock will not theme itself from these color selections. Latest version of FF works perfectly well with this. Also Flock will NO LONGER change to any theme but the default theme. So if you turn on the High Contrast themes in Windows 7 you are stuck with the default.

I've managed to get around the complete lack of themes in Flock by using the FF Mr. Tech Toolkit addon. So basically any FF theme now works with flock. I have to do a bit to make them look right, but so far so good. I recently picked up Windows 7 RC and Flock ignores everything. Just pointing this out as FF works perfectly well with it.

So is there anyway around this to force flock to load a theme or any work around?
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