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Try these tips for ordering your feeds in FLUD

Go to your handy wrench at the top right. Tap My Feeds in the middle bottom. See the three bars to the far right on each line? Use your finger to drag and drop, up or down. Try moving one all the way to the top. That’s right, you don’t have to keep the FLUD feed in the front (but we think you’ll want to because that’s where your fellow Fluders’ most-loved articles will show up). The feed at the top will be what you first see when you open the app, and the rest will be in order from left to right.

Decide which feeds you want in front. Some Fluders like to order their feeds in a spectrum, like putting the Financial Times on one end and something fun like Fail Blog on the other end. Maybe you’ll put the most frequently updated feeds up front, and the niche blogs in the back. You can always come back and reorder them to suit your reading needs!