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I’m wondering

Facebook image gallery

Hi again!

Im not sure it is a bug at all, but if it is something related to fluid it is a bug, otherwise its something to do with the safari package.

I have med a ssb of Facebook and now when I go into someones image gallery and choose "next image" it swaps to the new image for about half a second then bounces back to the old one. If I after doing this hit refresh (cmd+r) after reload it now shows the "right" image, the next one.

If I quickly click more than once I then is showed the 3rd image inline, but it swaps back to the original one as in the first case, this can be repeated as far as I want. But It always goes back to the first image if left alone and always jumps to the next inline on a refresh.

Have I got some nasty greasemonkey code hidded somewhere or is this a bug?
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