.flv now publishes.... but I get nothing in the published document!

Okay, I installed the .exe yesterday to repair the problem with save as .flv file. I can now get flypaper to do that.

I have used a gallery template from flypaper (called realty gallery) - and to my understanding, it shoud measure more than 32 by 32 pixels. Yet, when I bring it into dreamweaver for uploading to a website, I have a flash that is 32 by 32. When I load it to the internet, I've got nothing. Please see my nothing in all its glory at www.baragar.net/marre_gallery

What step am I missing? Or is it a codec? Or a plug in?

I can create my own flash in Flash and deploy it to the web through Dreamweaver without problems.

Where am I going wrong in flypaper?
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