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"Other Sizes" on the Prints Tab isn't Obvious enough for my Customers

Can you make the "Other Sizes" tab under the Prints tab more obvious. You start on top by emphasizing larger prints ( I assume to generate more profitable sales) but on more than one occasion I've had to e mail back and forth with my customers explaining how to find the smaller sizes. Maybe something as simple as having a larger font on the "Other Sizes" tab.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) January 24, 2017 18:47
    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your feedback and this is something we'll look at as an option on our next revision to the shopping cart Widget.

    For now, in case it's helpful, did you notice that you can change which three "featured" sizes show up on the first screen? If not you can find the how-to here.

    Thanks again and kind regards,
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