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Ability to change the level of Paypal integration in checkout

Just ordered some prints for myself to check out the order process before I make this service live on my site. When checking out, the button says "Checkout With Paypal." Long story short, it took me forever to pay with just my credit card because clicking the Paypal checkout button, being directed to a Paypal login page, then clicking the tiny "pay with credit or debit" link below the login information is far from intuitive. To make matters worse, it kept trying to sign me up for Paypal/log into my account during the entire checkout process. I like having Paypal as an option at checkout, but it would be nice if there were a separate button in the cart for credit/debit payments. Also, the heavy handed "sign up for a Paypal account" reminders I encountered when trying to use an alternate form of payment were not cool.
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