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Add a way to get "original" size attributes via API

the problem i have is that my low-res are with a width of 500 pixel. so even when the hi-res is exactly 1:1.5 aspect ratio (e.g. standard size 6x12), the low res will never be exactly this aspect ratio because of rounding. It will be 334x500 (or 333x500), the closest sizes with a 500 width, but none of those size is exactly 1:1.5 ratio.

so fotomoto is unable to offer the standard size if i select flexible size, even though my hi-res are exactly 1:1.5 ratio (i.e. 8x12), e.g. 2848x4272. and if i select "standard size", fotomoto will let the use control the cropping in 8x12, while there should be no cropping in this size.

if there was a way to pass the hi-res pixel size to the fotomoto order-print API script, this problem would not occur.

Another advantage would be that fotomoto would be able to tell the client that some large size may be "not recommended" and may not be very sharp is the hi-res resolution is not sufficient.
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