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when using auto-pickup, add an option to automatically PURGE the hi-res images from the fotomoto server after an order is fulfilled

i would like an option to NOT keep the hi-res images on the fotomoto server after an order is fulfilled.

i think that fotomoto keeping the uploaded hi-res image is great for people who upload images manually.

but for people who use the auto-pickup feature, it is in fact a big annoyance, because photographers often rework / adjust / reprocess images to improve their quality, and we want people who license the hi-res images or order prints to always use the most up-to-date image that we display on our website.

unfortunately, if an image has already been ordered (either as download or print), fotomoto caches the hi-res "forever", so it may not use the most up-to-date image for the next order.

there is currently no way to even manually delete or purge a hi-res image from a fulfilled order. and even if there was one, it would be annoying, and the obtion to tell fotomoto to automatically purge the hi-res after the order is fulfilled would be much better for people using auto-pickup.

that's because with auto-pickup, fotomoto can get access to the up-to-date hi-res image at any time. so really, no need to cache the hi-res image, and caching it can be mostly a source of problem as i described (based on actual cases that impacted me).
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