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Allow site certificates to work - Secure Server for Fotomoto widget

Hi all,

I would like to see the java scrip for the fotomoto widget placed on a secure server i.e. https rather than just http. I know this wont secure the info between their site and mine but it would allow my site certificate to work and browsers to show my site (and yours) as secure.

Currently if you operate a site with a secure certificate browsers will warn visitors that it has unsecure content. This is because the widget for fotomoto gets its java script from an unsecure page. As fotomoto already have secure pages it wouldn't take much to duplicate the javascript for the widget on the secure server allowing site certificates on users websites to work and browsers to show their sites as secure. Having a valid site certificate is vital these days for all e-commerce.

Please please implement this change and give a secure server option to the fotomoto widget :)


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