Anthology WordPress theme slider issue

Hello! I am working with a new fotomoto account, WordPress 3.3.2, and purchased the Anthology Theme (v1.4.5) since it showed as tested with the green checkmark on the fotomot how page.

The demo and default installation of the Anthology theme include a slider displaying a slideshow on the index/blog/homepage. I have found that after installing the fotomoto plugin, I see the buy links under the slider, but they are only or the last image in the slideshow, the other links appear to be rendered under the slider as the images are loading. Should the buy links be expected to work with the slider in this theme? If not I will have to remove them from the slider images and hopefully find another slideshow option which works with fotomoto. This ould be a bummer as this was one thing I was counting on, so it was a selling point of this theme for me.

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