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Does fotomoto work with the avada theme?
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  • Hi Felix,

    Thanks for your post. We haven't tested Fotomoto on the Avada theme and I don't have any data on whether any of our sellers are using it or not.

    That said, Fotomoto can be made to work with *any* theme, but whether it works "out of the box" depends on which (if any) JavaScript libraries/plugins are being used to display the images. For more about this please see Fotomoto Compatibility with WordPress Themes.

    If you have your site set up with Avada I'm happy to take a look at it and advise if you could post or email us the URL.

    Last, if Fotomoto isn't compatible with Avada out of the box, then we'd be happy to work with the theme developer to integrate Fotomoto so that it works with little setup. Being integrated with Fotomoto is a selling point for them so you might want to suggest it to them and give them the URL for this thread or pass along our Partner with Us article.

    I hope that helps and just let me know how else I can assist.

    Kind regards,
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