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Better handling of Gallery2 redundant image versions

Gallery2 (popular freeware for photo web sites) creates multiple versions of each image, to accomplish display of the image at differing sizes. These multiple versions, while hidden from the web site user, are recognized by Fotomoto as independent images (as each one has its own image URL) and thus appear in the Fotomoto Photos collection. These multiple versions appear as redundant/duplicate images: they all appear the same, and for the purposes of print order fulfillment by the user, they all point to the same source image -- i.e., to fulfill a print order for any of them, the photographer will have to upload the same source image file.

I suggest the Fotomoto system be built to understand the internal logic and structure of the Gallery2 scripts, so that such "duplicate" images can be tracked correctly by Fotomoto "under the covers." By this I mean the Fotomoto user (the photographer) will see only one instantiation of each image in the Photos collection.
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