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Bulk order all photos on a site

Would be nice if the client could easily order a single copy of all the photos on a site. For example one wedding client of mine wants to order a 4x6 of all the photos (over 100) in their Fotomoto enable gallery. Currently they must click "buy print" for each photo and go through the process of adding it to the cart. This is very time consuming and frustrating. It can also be hard to keep track of which photos you have added and which you haven't.

An 'order all' button that will add all the photos to the shopping cart and choose a default size/print type. Once all the photos are added they could complete the order or make minor adjustments such as removing some of the photos or adjusting some of the sizes.

I support this might be something better implemented on the website side via the Fotomoto API but having this feature on the admin side ( would be nice too for our own orders or doing big bulk orders on behalf of the client.

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