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buy buttons do not show up

when attempting to add pictures at


buy buttons do not show up. have added the plugin as requested. what did i miss?
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  • Derek (Official Rep) June 25, 2016 20:27
    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your post and sorry if you initially had trouble getting the Buy Buttons to show up on your site. I just took a look at it and the Buy Buttons are appearing now, but please be advised that they are showing up on your square thumbnails at http://district.ninja/rowhouse-gallery/, so Fotomoto thinks the image you want to sell is the square version, since our system detects the aspect ratio of the web version of your image and uses that to determine which print sizes to display to the customer.

    What you'll want to do here is first set the "Minimum height and width" setting to a value higher than 300 (the maximum height or width of your thumbnails), then Fotomoto will ignore the thumbnails.

    Then, you currently have the thumbnail linking directly to the full-sized image (like http://district.ninja/wp-content/uplo...), but since the image is not on a page, Fotomoto can't display the Buy links on it. What you'll want to do is either (recommended) link the thumbnail to an "attachment" page (explained under "Image Link" at http://codex.wordpress.org/Inserting_...), or install one of the Fotomoto-supported libraries to display the image in a lightbox or gallery where the Buy Buttons can be shown. More info about this on our How do I use Fotomoto with WordPress image galleries? page.

    Last, you'll want to remove the referenced square thumbnail images from your Fotomoto Dashboard so they don't look like duplicates when the full-sized images load in. Easiest would be to just remove all the images from your Dashboard as explained under "To remove all of the images from your Dashboard' at http://support.fotomoto.com/customer/..., and then Fotomoto will re-load all the images in automatically as long as it's working your full-sized image as above.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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