Buy Button Appears different under each photo

In my Street Cards section of my website, ie, (and other sections I have been using), the buy botton toolbar appears different under each photo.
I have placed the 'share' only script in my 'insert embed code' admin section of my site (which be cards, e-cards and share), however some of the photos are picking up the 'for sale' code. Any suggestion on how I can fix this.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) July 06, 2011 17:55
    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your question. First one thing about our Script - there is only one Fotomoto Script that should get inserted in to your code, and I see it in the source code for your page, so all is well there.

    As for different buy buttons showing on different images, this is because you have some images in For Sale, some are in Share, and each of those Collections have different products activated.

    Please check out our tutorial on using Collections to set up your products and pricing - I think this will answer your question

    Kind regards,
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