Buy Button not working properly in Deep Focus

I finally have the Buy Buttons working, but not correctly, in Deep Focus. (The plug-in does not work; I have pasted the script in the footer.php.)

In Deep Focus, the Buy Buttons display properly at the top of the slider ONLY. They do not appear on individual image posts or in the lightbox images.

I've also tried Envisioned (a similar theme also by Elegant Themes). In Envisioned, the Buy Button IS working properly on individual image posts, but not in the slider on the home page. On the home page slider, the Buy Button appears, but it is only linked to the first image in the slider. (i.e., I can choose Buy Print and it will take me to a purchase page for the first print regardless of which print was displaying when I clicked it.)

Ideally, I would love for the Buy Buttons to be working on the slider, on individual image posts AND in the lightbox, but I'll settle for 2 out of 3.
I do think it's imperative that it be on individual image posts, so if there's no way to really fix either of these, I would stay with Envisioned. But then I need to get the Buy Buttons OFF the homepage slider.

For now, I'm leaving Envisioned activated at this url so you can see what it's doing:

Thank you!!!
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  • Hi Cara,

    I've already responded to your support email on this same subject, but since you posted here as well I'll reiterate - we always recommend you use the Fotomoto plugin for WordPress sites for several reasons - the main one being that you don't need to re-install Fotomoto when you switch themes. As I mentioned in my email, i'd be happy to take a look at why the plugin doesn't seem to be working for you - I'd just need to evaluate the code on a live site.

    I would suggest you enable the theme that you want to use, then post or email us the sample URLs for pages that you want to sell your images from. This way we can take a look at the code and see what is happening.

    As for Envisioned, it is not one of the supported themes listed on our How page at, so this article will apply here, even if it is made by the same company. Of course we'd love to see Envisioned (and other themes) be Fotomoto-compatible, so feel free to let the theme developer know and we'll be happy to collaborate with them if needed to make everything work.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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