buy buttons do not appear unless image is much larger

i have defined the minimum size for the buy button image to be 190 in the settings. when i upload the image with a width of 400 they do not appear. but when i define the image size to be 450 in the html they do appear. what is the rule for this?
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  • Derek (Official Rep) January 05, 2012 09:07
    Hi Gary,

    For reference please see our article about the "Minimum Width or Height for Images" setting".

    If either the width or height of any image on your site is less than what you have set, Buy Buttons won't be displayed.

    If your image is larger than what you have set and you're still missing the Buy Buttons, please see this article, and if you don't find the answer you need, feel free to post the URL for the image here or via email and we'll be happy to check it out for you.

    Kind regards,
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