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Buy Buttons, Link issues and even Compliments

I just installed Fotomoto for the first time. When the image opens in the Lightbox (PrettyPhoto) the first time the buy buttons are there. However, if you close the lightbox and reopen the lightbox the buttons are not displayed. Can we fix this?

I would also like to have a link to buy the image, on the post or single.php page, but beneath the image not in the border as it completely ruins the ascetics of the page. a php code perhaps.

third, on the blog, category and archive pages I would like to but a link to but the image on the same line as the other metadata for the article it is attached to.

Is there a line of code, php that I can use to make this call?

Also, the shopping cart button I have not seen it appear anywhere as of yet. I would love to have it show up in one of my sidebar widget areas when there is something added to the cart.

my site: http://fidoloves.com

Fotomoto is by far is the closest thing to what I envisioned as a way to sell downloads and prints to clients. There are a few things that need to happen to be perfect, but wow is this close. Much better than what photoshelter and smugmug have to offer in offering a seamless shopping experience for a wordpress based site
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  • Hi Jay,

    I see your Pretty Photo problem we will see if we can get that fixed.

    In regards to your questions about placing the buy buttons, there are some things you can do, firstly if your image has paragraph tags around it, then our buy buttons tend to be placed closer to it, if that is something you can change, the it could be a quick fix.

    Otherwise you can always add a div with id="FotomotoToolbar" and class="FotomotoToolbarClass". However with this method, you will only get one set of buy buttons on that page.

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