Buy Buttons not appearing on every photo, checked everything I can think of

I have a photo site built with Rapidweaver. The site was working fine with Fotomoto until recently. I added some photos and since then, we have not been able to get the buy buttons to appear with all photos. I have checked everything I can think of and anything that I could find reference to in the forums.

Oddly... there are some photos are show up on the For Sale section of the site, but have no buttons.

There also seems to be no rhyme or reason to which photos are working and which aren't (nothing about the order on the page, the orientation on the photo, etc.

I have tried deleting the fotomoto code from the Rapidweaver page and then adding it and uploading the page again. Still no luck.

This page working fine:

This page has some buttons but not all:

This page has no buttons:

Please advise quickly, I have someone who wanted to place an order three days ago and is on hold.

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