Buy Buttons Won't Appear TOP

I've changed the position of the buy buttons to TOP but they continue to appear BOTTOM. I've cleared the cache on two diff browsers (IE and FF).
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  • Derek (Official Rep) October 19, 2012 17:23
    Hi dwdallam,

    You are correct - unfortunately when using the ThickBox library, the toolbar position setting is not respected.

    I would say we could look in to addressing this down the line (or asking the developer to), but according to their site "[ThickBox] is not maintained any longer, so [they] recommend you use some alternatives." We do support a few of the alternatives they recommend, including Colorbox, fancyBox and Shadowbox.js, and if you want to have your Buy Buttons at the top of the screen, I would suggest using fancyBox, as we display the toolbar in a "fixed" position at the top by default.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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