buy links not appearing in custom javascript slideshows.

I have a simple Javascript slideshow on the website i'am developing. With Fotomoto, the Buy/Print links appear only for the first image in the slideshow. Is there any way (some API calls perhaps?) i can make the links appear for all the images ?

My home page :
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  • Hi Saravana,

    If you are developing the slideshow yourself there are a few things you can do.

    First off, the Fotomoto script only get's called on page load, so if you are using some javascript to bring in new images, you will need to load the script again, otherwise it will not know about any of the new images on your page.

    Otherwise, you will need to use our API, here is the getting started page:

    And here is an example page:

    And here is the API function reference page:

    Good luck!

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