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I self-fulfill my orders and my photo sizes don't match the sizes that Fotomoto currently offers.

It would be great to be able to add my custom sizes such at 8.5" x 11", 13" x 19" and 17" x 22"
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  • I see that 13x19 is activated, thank you! Please add 17 x 22.

    Best Wishes
    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the post. We can't take any credit for recently adding the 13" x 19" size - it has actually been's the 8.5" x 11" and 17" x 22" sizes that we don't currently offer, and it may be some time before we can add those sizes.

      I do want to reiterate a possible solution for you though...this is something I mentioned in an email to you, but want to elaborate on here.

      We offer a Print Size Option setting called "Flexible Sizes", which lets you offer print sizes that a) exactly match the aspect ratio of your images and b) never requires the customer to do any cropping. Note that the way you have things set up currently with "Crop to all selected sizes", your customers are likely forced to crop the image to match your enabled print sizes.

      The only practical drawback to Flexible Sizes is that (depending on the aspect ratio of your images), the print sizes available might be non-standard sizes that don't perfectly fit in to store-bought frames.

      Here's an example to help explain how things would look if you had Flexible Sizes enabled...

      Case #1: say the image on your site is at a 13:19 aspect ratio, your customers could choose from these (mostly non-standard) print sizes:

      8” x 11.7”
      10” x 14.6”
      12” x 17.5”
      13” x 19” (one you requested)
      14” x 20.5”
      15” x 21.9”
      16” x 23.4”
      20” x 29.2”
      24” x 35.1”
      30” x 43.8”

      Case #2: say the image on your site is at a "standard" 3:2 aspect ratio, your customers could choose from these (mostly standard) print sizes:
      4” x 6”
      6” x 9”
      8” x 12”
      10” x 15”
      12” x 18”
      14” x 21”
      15” x 22.5”
      16 x 24”
      20” x 30”
      24” x 36”
      30” x 45”

      Of course you could disable some of these sizes if you only wanted to offer a few.

      I know that you make your own prints, so you'd need to be able to fulfill these sizes, but hopefully that would be maintainable.

      I'd be happy to set up a test case that you can take a look at if you want to see how this option would work for you - just send me an email via or by replying to one of my previous emails.

      Hope that helps and kind regards,
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