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Cropping Options and Print Sizes

Most of my images are of a 4x6 aspect ratio, so I have my size options set to "crop to all selected sizes" in the store settings.

However, I have a few images that are of unusual aspect ratios, and I cannot find a satisfactory size option for them.

If I choose "offer flexible sizes," then fotomoto only offers a few random sizes, and tends not to offer the smaller sizes, which customers are more likely to buy. Similarly, if I choose "crop using smart size matching" (better dubbed "unintelligent size matching") it offers random large sizes and then crops the image severely.

Ideally, I would like to be able to control the size/cropping options for each image individually, BUT, can you at least implement a "use selected sizes without cropping" option? That way I could offer prints in the size of my choosing, without allowing the customer to crop the image. Say my image has an aspect ratio of 2:1, but a customer wants an 8x10 print. There should be a way to print a 5x10 image on 8x10 paper without trimming the paper or cropping the image. Please help.
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  • Hi Chris,

    It looks like you've already read our Print Size Options article, but in case you haven't I'd recommend it.

    You can set the print size options differently on a collection-by-collection basis, so this is how I would recommend you handle the scenario - set the For Sale collection to handle your 4x6 images, then if you need to handle other sizes with a different print size option, use a different Collection to do so. More about how to use Collections can be found in Set Product and Pricing Options.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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