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Custom HTML img src with Alternate Filename or Filename Hints Waiting for approval

So, even though Flickr is not a supported platform, I've used the Flickr API to generate static pages that load the thumbnails from Flickr, with the Fotomoto javascript ... it's not all that pretty, but it works. (Someone else could make it look better - code will be on github.)

However, this created a filename mapping issue. For most of my images, the title or description has the metadata/filename to map it back to the original ( I'm on the free tier yet ... will upgrade and get auto pick up after I review my test order.) So, I have enough metadata that I can embed the real the filename (and sub-folder/path) as an attribute for the IMG tag. Is there such an attribute that can be used?

However, this is a bi-directional mapping ... so I can map the flickr image name back to my originals, which is probably what I'll work on, but would rather add the hint for FotoMoto ... in the case the I switch away from Flickr or get in trouble for using flickr like this.

My store isn't technically "live" right now ... so I'm not going to share the URL just yet.

Thanks !
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