Detail photos without pricing.

Many of my photographs have a lot of detail that is not visible under the standard sizes fir web view. So I would like to add 3-4 detail photos besides the normal, entire photo. My problem is that I don't want those details photos to be offered as for purchase.

What would be the best way to acomplish these. I'm using Lightroom 4 and a Turning Gate Gallery along with fotomoto.

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  • Derek (Official Rep) April 12, 2012 17:20
    Hi Surreal Photon,

    Thanks for your question. There are a few ways to exclude certain images from being sold - please see this article on the subject:
    How do I exclude a photo from my store?.

    If you're using a template for the page, probably easiest would be to add the "nofotomoto" class to the img tag for the detail photos, but have a look at the article and you can pick an option to suit.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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