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Did my client get a download notification? The email I get doesn't tell.

The email I get when a client's file download link is ready shows my email address only; it does not show the client's email address. This is unlike the behavior for emails notifying the client of print shipments, where both me and the client are on distribution.

To be certain my client got the notification, please change the system behavior for file downloads to be similar to that for print shipments: have both the photographer's email address and the client's email address visible to both parties.
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  • I've just had my first real-world bad experience with this system behavior.

    For a recent order, I got system-generated email containing the download link -- but the client claims they did not receive similar email.

    As the email I received is addressed to me alone -- without the client's email address on cc -- I have no way of knowing if the problem was at fotomoto's end, or at the client's.
    • Hi Tony,

      You already know this now, but for those reading along, we do send a separate email to download buyers. If there's ever a question of whether one was delivered to the customer, you might first ask them to check and see if the email was caught in a SPAM filter, otherwise just send us an email and we'll be happy to verify that the email was delivered.

      I hope that helps and kind regards,
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