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Diptych or Triptych Canvas Prints?

As a Canvas Printer I need for customers to be able to purchase diptych or triptych canvas (multiple panel of same image) prints and then display results on wall for customer approval and check-out.

Is this possible? If not the software will not help me.

An example image is included.

Thank you,
Duncan Staples

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  • Derek (Official Rep) April 25, 2016 23:57
    Hi Duncan,

    Thanks for your post and interest in using Fotomoto. I've already replied to your email support request on this same question, but here's the reply again for anyone else reading along...

    Our shopping cart widget is designed around selling individual images from your site, so while our cart doesn't support selling "sets" of images, you could sell the three pieces individually using Fotomoto for customers that want a triptych.

    If there's anything I can do to assist just let me know!

    Kind regards,
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