Does Fotomoto work on Shopify?

Is that possible?
thanks John c.
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  • Hi JJ,

    Thanks for your post. We haven't tested Fotomoto with Shopify and do not integrate directly with it, but Fotomoto is designed to work on any HTML page with images on it; what it does is detects images on the page and inserts Buy links underneath the images. Whether or not it will work depends mostly on two things:

    1. If you're able to get the Fotomoto Script (JavaScript) into the source code of your page (explained at

    2. How the images are displayed on the page. If they're inserted with basic HTML IMG tags, then all should be fine, but if a JavaScript library is being used to show the images in a slideshow, lightbox, or what have you, then we support a handful of libraries, and others could be made to work with a bit of development.

    What I would suggest is giving it a try on your site and if you need a hand just email us with your page URL and we'll be happy to take a look.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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