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Doesn't play well with Weebly

I use Weebly which supposedly is compatible with Fotomoto, but after following all instructions including any within the Support section, I was unable to get pricing on my images. I was using this as a test platform to see how well it worked before committing to it. I even cancelled my account and started over, but still no buy buttons nor pictures showing up in the Fotomoto dashboard. Nothing.
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    Derek (Official Rep) June 18, 2011 19:39
    Hi Brad,

    I took a look at your site and it looks like Fotomoto is installed correctly. I saw that you've added a URL to the Image URL White List, so I'm guessing you only want to use Fotomoto on your Print Store page, is that correct?

    Assuming that's true, I looked at the Print Store and the image links were broken so have a look at that and once you've got the links corrected I'll be glad to take another look if you're still not seeing the buy buttons.

    FYI, you will see Images now in your Dashboard as I temporarily disabled the whitelist to check that everything was working properly, and it seemed to be.

    Kind regards,
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