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Download for Google Base (Searches show in Google Shopping)

If you have ever done a search for say "black and white photography" in Google (and who hasn't) you'll notice that there is often a separate piece called "For Sale" or Stores etc. Whatever, the name may change, but the idea will stick around.

They are fighting with BING to provide search results for things you can buy.

And so - my idea. You already have all the product, prizes, websites, descriptions etc. Everything that is needed to create a file to upload to Google Base.

So everyone that uses this has a better chance of appearing in the Shopping Google results. (I don't know how BING works, but there must be some way they learn what is for sale and what isn't).

It's something to keep in mind. As I recall - Google wants an xml file -- but it's easy enough to check.

Of course - the more money we make - the more you make :)

Regards -- Dave
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