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Downloadable / Copyable List of Order Items For Easy Import Into Photo Management Software

Can we please have a way to download/copy a simple list (.csv for example) of the filenames for each order item (photo) so that we can easily import the list into photo management programs?

For example:
I use Lightroom for managing and editing my photos. I would like a way that I can easily grab a list of the photos ordered by the client and import/paste those into Lightroom so I know exactly which ones to export/upload to fulfill the order. Currently I have to copy and paste each filename from the order screen in my Fotomoto account into a smart collection or similar in Lightroom. It's very painstaking for medium to large orders and leaves room for human error.

I realize Auto Pickup is a potential solution to this (i.e. just export/upload the full-res versions for all the photos in the gallery) but it's not always feasible depending on gallery size, file size, available space in the auto pickup location, etc. There are also other reasons Auto Pickup may not be desirable.

I had mentioned this directly to the support group a long time ago and thought they said something like this was coming but haven't seen anything and last support person I talked to said they haven't heard such a request.
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  • Along with this it would be nice to have a count of unique filenames listed with the order so that we can ensure we have the correction number of images in the collection in the photo management software. For example the client could order 3 different print sizes of a single image which shows as 3 different order items. This means that I cannot simple count the number of order items and ensure I have that many originals selected in my photo management program before I export/upload, the number is skewed.
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