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eCards need a soft sell marketing approach option

I am brand new to Fotomoto and I find the way the eCards are presented is too in-your-face hard sell because the first word the recipient sees, even before the eCard sender's message, is BUY. For my marketing purposes, I want eCards to be a good will ambassador [why they are free, yes?] that nudges people to look at my gallery while giving them the option to purchase the image on the card easily if they are so inclined. I think that even a small change, such as putting the sender's personal message just under the image, and then the message from the artist and the Buy Button below that would go a long way to ameliorate the hard sell vibe. I emailed Fotomoto Support to see if there was a way to customize the Buy Button placement on eCards and the short answer is no. I realize there may be some for whom the hard sell works, so I am asking Fotomoto to provide the option to customize how the eCard presents.

Derek at Fotomoto suggested I post this concern here in the Ideas section. Evidently, changes to Fotomoto come about by petition. So if anyone else out there feels the same way please chime in. Thanks.
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