excellents prints, cards need a bit more attention

Just received my first order! The 5x7 lustre prints are really beautiful! Very pleased with those.

The quality of the cards I ordered is not quite there yet. The edges are not clean on one of the two cards and both cards show a small impression around the edges. Also, one of the cards has a small scuff mark on the top left side and one has a slightly bumped corner so you see the white edge. Please understand that these are not major flaws - I am a perfectionist, but feel it is important feedback in developing your product.

As far as the design, it would be great to have more flexibility with the message (more font choices, sizes and placement options). It would be nice to have design and text options on the back as well, perhaps a logo, and important to have control of the url on the back, instead of only the option of using the url of the specific photo page. I know some of this has been discussed in suggestions for the future.

Really excited about the quality of the prints. Thanks!
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