Excluding Images Based Upon Height And Width

Possible idea (or if this is already possible I'd be much enlightened)...

Right now the dimension field for excluding images from Fotomoto states "Minimum Width or Height For Images". As I understand this (and as it appears to be functioning) images have to meet that number in both heigh and width. I'd really appreciate being able to set individual dimensions for both heigh and width, or making the field operate so that an image must meet only one of the dimensions.

I have a gallery of panorama images that are over the dimension I set in width, but only about 1/2 of it in height and I'm not getting any Fotomoto buttons showing up on these images.
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  • Hi David,

    Thanks for your question, and you'll be happy to know that you can allow your Panoramics to be sold using the "Minimum Width or Height For Images" as it currently works. Let me explain...

    Your sunset pano, for example, is 950px x 250px. The "Minimum Width or Height For Images" setting needs to be a *lower* value than the smallest dimension of your image - meaning the value just needs to be < 250. You have "Minimum..." set at 600, so that would prevent the image from being for sale.

    Note that the reason we have this setting is to prevent buy buttons from being shown on small images like your 150px square thumbnails, so as long as the value is something like 200, your setting should be good. I went ahead and changed this for you, but...

    There seems to be something else preventing your buy buttons from appearing. First, I noticed that you have the Fotomoto Script appearing twice in your source code - could you go ahead and remove the duplicate instance and then email us when you've got it removed? You're using WordPress, so as long as your are using our plugin, there is no need to put the Fotomoto Script manually in to your theme files.

    Thanks and kind regards,
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