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Option for Favorites / pictures before you place them in the cart

got this idea and wonder if it's possible

I usually have around 100+ pictures in one folder(event) in my gallery. It would be great to have an option to have a one click button to place picture on a favorite list before adding pictures to the cart. In one of my galleries I have a favorite add-on that places a star on the top right, when you click it, it then remembers the photos. After browsing all the photos you can view all the photos that it sorted out. Then you can carefully pick the best of the best to purchase. I think this could increase my sales because adding one picture at a time to the cart is very time consuming and my buyers seem to drop after 20 pictures
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this idea
  • Hi Christopher,

    That's a cool idea - let me explain a bit more here for you and anyone else reading:

    1. First, our Shopping Cart is persistent, so when customers 'add to cart' then close the cart or click to 'continue shopping', the Shopping Cart remains visible as an overlay on your page. While it's not a 'favorite', it does act as a way to let customers shop around and eventually buy their favorite items.

    2. It's currently possible to create a 'favorites' mechanism on your site, giving customers a link to view a dynamic page of their favorites, then put the Fotomoto buy buttons on that page. Just keep in mind that we don't currently offer a 'buy all' button that would add all of the images to a cart at once.

    I hope the details here are helpful, and thanks again for your feedback.

    Kind regards,
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