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Feature request - Buy button statistics

It would be useful to see how many customers clicked "Buy" button for each image.

Currently, the statistics shows how many times an image was viewed, and how many times it was added to the shopping cart.

Showing how many times the "Buy" button was clicked for an image would provide for a finer customer behavior analysis. Say, if users keep clicking "Buy" button, but no one proceeds to add the image to shopping cart, this likely means that they see the prices and don't like them. Thus, it pinpoints the reason for low sales more accurately.

Also, it would be great if we could display the statistics for all the images as a graph - to get immediate visual representation of which image is viewed most, which image is bought most, etc. The way it is now, you have to click "i" on each image to see numbers, which is great as a basic stuff, but is not very user-friendly is time consuming, and isn't visual.

Thank you!
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