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Feedback on design

I've just signed up for fotomoto because I'm using A Photo Folio and while I appreciate it's nice and easy to setup, I think the design looks very outdated. For example I just want Photo Prints to be an option. I don't want the ugly other options to be seen. I've turned off the other options, so why can my customers see them? Also, the social media links shouldn't be so glaring and ugly. They should be minimal icons in the corner. Does anyone use Google Plus anymore? Not fond of the clickable buttons. They're bubble like and just look really outdated. I just wish the whole design was more minimal and looked nicer. I want my customers to think they're buying something nice and not an etsy store that sells things upon mass. Is it possible to have limited editions of things? Sorry for the moan, but 22% is a big chunk of cash, so I want it to have a consistent feel and look.
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