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Foto Moto Buy button under thumbnails list in Joomla?


Just wondering what the best way is to show a list of thumbnails with Fotomoto buy buttons in Joomla.

Right now I am only able to get a buy button under an image by pasting it into an article.

Can the Fotomoto widget be made to work this way?

Thanks. FJ
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  • Derek (Official Rep) April 27, 2016 16:32
    Hi FJ,

    Thank you for your post. First, there's something important you need to consider here if you want to put the Buy links under the thumbnails...Fotomoto uses the aspect ratio of the images it detects on your page to choose which print sizes are shown in the shopping cart. For example, say you want to sell 8"x10" prints of an image that's at a 4:5 aspect ratio but our script detects a square wouldn't see the correct print sizes in the shopping cart - you'd see square sizes. Of course if your thumbnails are at the same aspect ratio as the originals then this won't be an issue.

    That said, we have a setting that you can change so that Fotomoto won't ignore small images (like thumbnails). It's the "Minimum height or width..." setting and you can read more about how it works in our About the "Minimum Width or Height for Images" setting article. Note the default value for this setting is 200px, so any image that is taller or wider will be ignored by default.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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