I’m frustrated

Fotomoto Adding the Same Images 10 times!

Fotomoto is showing 60 images in my collection whereas I have uploaded only 6! It is going on indexing the same pix over & over again.

What's worse - it is not even displaying the buy buttons properly anywhere!

I'm using a simple wordpress install on Wordpress 2017 Theme.
Can someone pls help? I created this site just trusting Fotomoto and now it's just not working :(
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  • Derek (Official Rep) June 11, 2017 19:52
    Hi Arti,

    Thank you for your email, and sorry for any frustration you're experiencing. Hopefully I can help!

    First, if your Buy links are not displaying properly, please do email us the URL of one of your page showing the trouble and I'll be glad to help you address it.

    Next, about the 60 images showing up in your Fotomoto Dashboard, I took a look at your account and can see the trouble - while you have uploaded only 6 images, there appear to be 10 different versions of each image on your site...probably different sizes of each image. Given how Fotomoto works, our system considers each image on your site that has a unique filename to be a unique image, regardless of whether the image is of the same "shot". For more on the subject, and how to deal with it, please see Why do I see duplicates of the same image in my Dashboard?

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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