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Fotomoto backend should be more user friendly!

I'm currently setting up Fotomoto on my new Wordpress photography website. I really like the look and feel on the frontend of the site, however the backend dashboard is a pain to work with in my opinion.

1. Sorting of images: right now images are sorted on order count or ecard count, that's not helpful at all. I want to sort my photos by date or by article so I have all the photos fetched from one article right next to each other. This is needed because of the problems I have described below.

2. Specify which images need to be fetched: currently all images are fetched into Fotomoto if they meet the specified size requirements. I guess normally that would be enough, but for my site it's still giving me some headaches. Thing is on my website I create an article for each location I shot photos at containing a full report of my visit to that place. The images inside that article need to have buy print links. One of those images (usually the best one) is also used as the featured image for that article (used on the site frontpage and blog category lists, not in the article itself!) and that same featured image is also being used as the background image for that article page.

What happens now is that it will fetch the article images, then fetch the featured image and last it will fetch the background image as well. This creates two duplicates of the same image that was used for the main featured image. I found no way to prevent Fotomoto from fetching either the featured image or the background image of a post.

3. I have a lot of pages that do contain photos but shouldn't get buy print links, adding the 'nofotomoto' class to all those posts and images will be a tedious task, especially if I need to do that for each post that is written. Wouldn't it be a good option to allow the Fotomoto plugin to work backwards? So that it doesn't fetch any images at all until you add the class 'fotomoto' to an image? Just create an option in the plugin settings which controls in what way Fotomoto works, fetching automatically or fetching only images with the fotomoto tag.

I feel that point 3 won't be needed if the Fotomoto backend and sorting is improved, I just need a clear overview of the images Fotomoto has fetched, I need to know where that image is coming from to verify Fotomoto hasn't fetched the wrong image (featured image or background image). It's a pain to have to go through pages of photos which are sorted almost random, just to find the duplicated featured images and the background images, then add those to the Not For Sale category. Then refresh my site to see if I took the right image.

Improving the backend of Fotomoto would make it the best possible option for me to start selling prints, but right now I feel it's only going to give me headaches...
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