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FotoMoto does NOT work on Microsoft Edge

Lets face it. Internet explorer is fading out, it's being replaced by Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome isn't installed on EVERY PC out there, however, Edge is installed on EVERY Windows 10 PC out there, and you'll be hard pressed to find older versions of windows on any new PC purchases.

If I do something in Edge and it works there, it works anywhere. If it has no issues in Edge it has no issues between Safari, Chrome, MozillaFirefox, Netscape (yes, it's still used), etc. My website gets over 50,000 hits a month, that's not huge in the grand scale of things maybe, but I have people viewing my content from ALL of those browsers, but the most common browser viewing my website is Edge.

If FotoMoto doesn't work on edge, it doesn't work for me. How do we sort it out? I've been having a hard enough time getting it to work with Weebly, which is the primary website builder for MyDomain.com which is where I host my site through.
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